Brewers have been using hops to balance the flavours from malt since medieval times.  
Hops are the cones of the perennial hop vine and are added at many stages throughout the brewing process.  Hops add a refreshing bitterness and their essential oils can also add grassy, citrus, and various other flavours to the beer.  Hops are grown all over the world, including South Africa, but the majority come from the Pacific NW in the US and Germany.

At Soul Barrel, we are outrageously passionate about hops because of their unique flavours and the crisp bitterness they contribute to beer.  Hops come in numerous varieties that each have different profiles they display in beer.  We brew with a wide range of specialty hops from all over the world. Hops from the Yakima Valley in the US are particularly dear to our heart. We are also passionate about using South African hops and supporting our local hop industry.  By blending the best international flavours with local passion and ingredients we aspire to brew the best beer in the world right here in South Africa.