A lively, dry Belgian pale ale with flavour notes of melon, lemon, fresh flowers, and pineapple.

Brewed within the century old cellars of the former Drakenstein Winery, Pale Farm is a lively, invigorating ale designed to refresh the winemaker during harvest.  It takes a lot of great beer to make wine!  Pale Farm’s easy drinking profile is inspired by Belgian Table Ales that nourish the soul after a hard day’s work.  
Pale Farm has a fruity, fresh body and a clean dry finish.  Pilsner, Pale and wheat malt deliver a hint of grain sweetness that supports tropical, citrus spice flavours yielded by the copious choice blend of hops sourced from all over the world.  This brilliantly balanced structure is rounded out and deepened by the dry, fruity, mango character intrinsic to our house ale yeast strain. This ale reflects our philosophy of blending the old and the new, brewing in the present while drawing on tradition. It also combines our passion for offbeat fermentations and intense fruity hop flavours, making it the perfect refreshing ale to sustain you through harvest.
ABV 4.7%
 IBU 35
MALT German Pils, Pale, White Wheat, Vienna, Dextrin
HOPS El Dorado, Lemon Drop, Cascade
YEAST Belgian Strain
WATER Simonsberg Mountain Water