Ale of Origin: Oak Aged South African Sour


340ml bottle.

Ale of Origin is a barrel aged wild beer. It is one of our most ambitious projects which took over two years. The vision was to produce a beer with 100% South African ingredients. To accomplish that we sourced malted barley from Caledon, organic wheat from Swellendam, hops from George and honey from the farm next door. We then foraged and isolated a special wild, local yeast from Franschhoek. Traditional, slow methods of brewing and fermentation were followed by over 18 months of barrel aging while the wild yeast and bacteria native to our brewery slowly created a secondary fermentation. This beer is an amazing part of our journey to make beers with a sense of time and place that are uniquely South African.

This beer brings flavour notes of ripe pear, honey, and forest floor yeast funkiness, that meld into soft honey, lavender, and cool weather chardonnay. The acidity lifts the finish, balancing the fresh esters while warming the palate. The flavours are bright and elegant, full of character, length, and passion.

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