Old Cellar: Barleywine Ale


340ml bottle. 12.4% abv and 42 ibus.

Old Cellar is a silky, luxurious Barleywine that displays the purest, most intense expressions of barley, a crowning achievement of brewer’s malt. It was brewed with a largely forgotten brewing tradition called parti-gylemashing, only utilizing the sweetest,most concentrated grain sugars.The result is layered malt flavours of dried apricot, vanilla, golden raisins and toasted nuts. An extended boil, intense fermentation and long aging period on lees add a big fruity, savoury dimension to these malt notes and an oily,warming and chewy body. Centennial and Cascade hops bring a citrus element, lending a dryness to the finish. This extravagant ale will keep you warm this winter and is best enjoyed by the fire with a book. Old Cellar Barleywine can be aged for up to 20 years.

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