Bourbon Wood: Old Ale


340ml bottle. 10.6% abv and 18 ibus.

Bourbon Wood Old Ale is a blended barrel aged beer with notes of rich bourbon, cherry, dark fruit, caramel and subtle oak. A rich malty body, slightly tart mouthfeel and smooth finish. 10.6% abv

Old Ales are a traditional English beer that traces its origins to before the use of hops, sometimes called “strong” or “keeping” ales. These were strong, malty beers that were left to mature in barrels, which smoothed out the flavours and provided a long secondary fermentation with wild yeast. Centuries ago a secondary fermentation with the wild yeast “brettanomyces” was a hallmark of fine British beers. As they aged Old Ales developed a smooth, rich character similar to port wine. Our version is blend of 4,3 and 2 year old barrels, include a bourbon barrel aged beer which adds winter spice notes to the rich malt flavours and tart finish.