East India Pale: Brett IPA


340ml bottle. 7.1% abv and 55 ibus.

Is a historical, barrel aged, Imperial IPA refermented with the wild yeast Brettanomyces. India Pale Ales were originally hoppy, aged beers that voyaged from England, around the Cape, to India. They were strong and bitter, and unlike today’s fresh versions, typically conditioned over a few years in oak casks. This aging created a sparkling secondary fermentation with the wild yeast Brettanomyces, or Brett, which strengthened the beer and added a dry, distinct, effervescent character. To celebrate this historic style, we recreated an 18th century imperial IPA, aging it in french oak with a few brett strains for three years then recharging it with a fresh, hoppy batch. The dry, complex character from the brett enhances the fruity, pineapple and citrus hop flavours. The bright, citrus hop flavours shine brightly with a crisp, minty oak finish. Join us for a taste of history!