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Live Culture – Cape Wild Ale Pinotage Edition 340ml bottle


Live Culture is a farmhouse ale that expresses a sense of time and place. It represents seasonal brewing conditions and local ingredients, our terroir.
This ale is fermented directly in an oak barrel with a wild yeast culture that lives in our brewery. This yeast culture evolves to display distinct characteristics depending on the seasons. This represents an old world and largely forgotten perspective on brewing, one that reflects seasonality and yeast expressions. The brewer allows the ingredients and fermentation to develop organically instead of maintaining absolute control.
After aging in the barrel, it is blended with fresh citrus and sage fynbos and a huge dose of hops. Each batch is unique, but you will typically find citrus and lemon, herbal spiced pear, pineapple, and a tart dry finish from the wild fermentation.
This edition was fermented for six months in winter 2019. Franschhoek whole bunch Pinotage grapes were then added for a combined secondary natural fermentation that lasted over a year. It was then dry hopped with Bravo hops and fresh picked fynbos from our garden. Finally, it was refermented with champagne yeast in the bottle for natural carbonation. This beer shows amazing complexity and intense, diverse flavors of dark fruit, citrus acidity and a dry floral yeast character.