Wild African Soul: Sorghum Sour Beer


340ml bottle. 6.5% abv and 13 ibus.

Wild African Soul is a collab with Brewsters Craft and the first of our new line of bottle conditioned, wild fermented beers. Think of this as a modern rendition of traditional sorghum beer, blending European barrel aging techniques with African methods of sour mashing and natural fermentation. It is unlike any beer we’ve ever tasted. Flavors of creamy pear, citrus and honey melt into a funky barrel character, balanced by acidity and earthy sorghum grain notes. Limited release and only available in bottle.

This beer is the culmination of a very long and unusual brewing process. Apiwe and I brewed a batch of Umqombothi in Feb for South African National Beer Day, conducting a traditional sour mash and open, spontaneous fermentation on the grain. It was then strained and blended into a barrel with our Live Culture base barrel beer and another two year old wild fermented beer. This blend was then aged together in French oak for six months. It then underwent a final fermentation with champagne yeast to naturally condition in the bottle. It’s been a fascinating journey.

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Weight .64 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 21 cm
Single Bottle