A soft, smooth IPA showcasing South African hops with flavours of stone fruit and pine.

Brewed with 100% South African hops grown under the Southern lights, this soft, fruity IPA is a true expression of the extraordinary hops grown right here in the Western Cape.  Cultivated in South Africa since 1658 – even before wine grapes – local hop varieties are unlike any in the world thanks to our unique location and growing conditions.  Combining a mountainous blend of these fresh South African hops with unique hopping techniques, Cape Cone exhibits a world of South African hop flavours and is bursting with refreshing pine, berry and stone fruit flavours and aromas. 
Pale, Wheat, and Oat malts create a soft supporting body that enable us to wring all the juicy green and fruit notes from Southern Passion, African Queen, Southern Tropic and experimental XJA hops.  We additionally add whole leaf Southern Passion flowers to our custom built hopback.  This raw, unprocessed form of hops add unique flavours and aromas.  To compliment these fruity hop flavours, we use a hybrid English/American yeast with a mild body and a soft citrus base.  We hope you are as blown away by our local hops as we are!
ABV 4%
 IBU 45
MALT English Pale Ale, Wheat, Oats
HOPS Southern Passion, African Queen, Southern Tropic,
Experimental XJA/436, Whole Cone Southern Passion
YEAST Vermont Ale
WATER Simonsberg Mountain Water