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At Soul Barrel Brewing, we aim to create a world-class South African beer culture by brewing artisanal, innovative beer that reflects our time, place, and personality. We believe real beer is made with soul. Our brewing showcases our passion for local ingredients, hoppy ales, old world barrel fermentations and our uncompromising commitment to quality.
We believe beer is the greatest beverage in the world. Savouring an amazing brew can be a life changing experience. Our brewery exists to contribute to these epic moments.
The brewery is in the heart of the Cape Winelands outside of Franschhoek, built
within the old tank walls of the former Drakenstein Cooperative Winery. 

Come share in our passion for brewing & celebrate beer made with Soul!


World-class craft beer starts with quality raw materials. A beer will only be as great as the potential provided by the ingredients.  Most beer is made up of four ingredients: malt, hops, water, and yeast, although craft brewing traditions explore any and all ingredients in the quest for flavour and innovation.



Believes great beer will change the world. After attending the Master Brewers Program at UC Davis, he spent ten years in the US craft beer industry including time in brewing, distribution, and sales for Abita Brewing Company in New Orleans and New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO.  In 2016 he embarked on a new adventure and moved to Cape Town to start Soul Barrel Brewing.


Devin is a homegrown talent straight from Paarl. He believes the world of beer is full of adventure and excitement and is the greatest beverage in the world. His beer career started with our friends at CBC, which sparked his passion for brewing and led him to us. He aspires to grow the brewing community and be among the next generation of South Africa’s great brewers.


An avid home brewer for many years while running an IT company working with wine and fruit farms, Mark is married into a 5th generation Simondium wine farming family.   Starting a brewery in the old wine tanks has been an invigorating way to return the farm to a higher purpose, while building for the future of South Africa.


Our beer is only available onsite at our taproom & beer garden, in bottles and growlers to go and in limited distribution.  We believe in serving our beer as fresh as possible so our customers can enjoy the beer as intended. We do a number of limited releases and always seek to push the boundaries and try new flavours.     Please come visit us at the brewery to try all the beers and see where we make it. The Brewery is located on the R45 in Simondium between Paarl and Franschhoek before the Klapmuts Rd. Look for the two big barrels on the road!

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Mon – Thur: 11 – 6pm | Fri: 11 – 7pm | Sat: 11 – 6pm | Sun 11 – 6pm


We offer an intimate tour and guided tasting of our cellar and brewery by our head brewer, getting an in depth experience of who we are and what our brewery is all about.

We offer a number of tasting options and routinely have a few limited release beers

Call or email to make a booking: nick@soulbarrel.co.za or 0836008716

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Owner’s Cell: +27 (0)83 600 8716

Email: nick@soulbarrel.co.za


Mon – Thur: 11 – 6pm | Fri: 11 – 7pm | Sat: 11 – 6pm | Sun 11 – 6pm

Great Beer Can Change the World

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