Live Culture Cellar Terroir: Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale




340ml  6.7% abv

Live Culture Cellar Terroir harnesses the natural, environmental conditions of our brewery cellar.  This beer is the furthest exploration in our effort to make innovative South African beer unlike any in the world.  It follows a tradition started thousands of years ago, when beer was made with whatever grain, fruit, yeast or plants were provided by the local landscape.


Live Culture Cellar Terroir was brewed with Soul Barrel barley, wheat and oats,  open fermented in our coolship with wild yeasts native to our cellar; then transferred to the Live Culture barrel for secondary fermentation with our house mixed yeast culture.  A portion of spontaneous South African Lambic beer was blended in along with Cinsault grapes and local apricots.  To this base beer an unusual dry hopping process continued its evolution: with whole cone hops,  citrus fynbos, sage buchu and a specially selected crop of Burnsleigh Farm Southern Passion hops.

Live Culture was awarded the Best Beer in Africa at the 2022 African Beer Cup and is one of the only beers to medal every year.

Additional information
Weight .64 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 21 cm