Old Cellar: Barrel Aged Sorghumwine


340ml bottle. 14.3% abv and 45 ibus


Old Cellar Sorghumwine

Old Cellar Sorghumwine is an extreme special edition of our barleywine brewed with a majority of sorghum malt.  It is a first of it’s kind strong ale.  It was fermented for almost two months, then aged in a bourbon and brandy barrel for over two years.

This innovative beer is part of our mission to make uniquely South African beer, showcasing the highest expression of barrel and local grain. We use only the strongest, purest malt sugars for Old Cellar in a largely forgotten brewing technique called parti-gyle.  Old Cellar Sorghumwine is spirited, nightcap beer with an oily, savoury texture, complex caramel notes and a warming hug of malt.

Additional information
Weight .64 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 21 cm