Ale of Origin – Spontaneous Lambic


340ml bottle. 8.5% abv

This Spontaneously fermented edition of Ale of Origin is truly
extraordinary. After brewing a laborious, old world turbid mash of
local grains, the wort was boiled for three hours with aged hops,
then cooled overnight in our “coolship” – a converted wine vat in
our century old cellar. The open air inoculated the beer with wild
yeast and bacteria from our surrounding fruit farms and brewery
rafters. It then undergoes a long, complex fermentation and three
year aging period in large oak barrels. A careful blending of selected
barrels realizes the final flavor. This method of brewing is inspired by
authentic Belgian Lambic, one of the most traditional beers in the
world. This beer is part of our journey to make beers with a sense of
time and place that are uniquely South African. This beer brings
flavor notes of mango & orange, wild fruit, tart lemon acidity and
yeast biscuit earthiness. Elegant honey and complex floral notes
bring an uplifting midlayer, while the acidity lifts the finish,
balancing the fruity esters while exciting the palate. The flavors
are distinct and intense with complexity.

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Weight .64 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 21 cm