Barrel Box – Barrel Aged 4 Pack


A sampler 4 pack of our barrel aged beers:

Live Culture  Cuvee- Winner of the Best Beer in Africa, a South African wild ale made from Soul Barrel malt and fermented for a year in our Live Culture barrel.  Dry, champagne-like, complex.  8.5% abv

Ale of Origin – Lambic style Spontaneously fermented sour beer.  Traditional Lambic brewing methods and 4 years in barrel.  Bright, tart, intensely fruity.  8.3% abv

East India Pale – Barrel Aged Brett IPA.  IPA aged with Brett in French Oak for three years, blended with fresh IPA.  Funky, Citrus, Oak, complex flavours.  6.7% abv

Wild African Soul – Umqombothi Farmhouse Ale.  A project exploring the similarities between traditional sorghum beer and American wild beers.  6.5% abv

12 x 340ml bottles