Live Culture Cuvee: Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale




340ml bottle. 6.7% abv and 32 ibus.

The latest edition of our flagship wild ale, this is a cuvee of multiple vintages aged between one and six years.  This beer showcases the dynamic flavour and evolution of our mixed yeast culture.  The older parts of the blend show an intense brett spicy and funk character, enhanced by a fruity tartness, and peach, honey and lemon notes of more recent vintages.  This blend is the pinnacle of our barrel aging program.

The beer was fermented in a large French oak barrel, with the native Live Culture yeast blend that live in the wood. A long aging period followed, during which the wild yeast slowly continued to work, contributing the dry, funky, peppery, light fruit notes the Live Culture is known for. After aging it was blended with fresh citrus fynbos and hops. It reminds us of aged, dry champagne. The beer is thoroughly imprinted with our environment. The process of growing the grain, in the brewery, fermenting the beer with our native wild yeast, and aging it with our homegrown fynbos gives a unique sense of place.

Live Culture was awarded the Best Beer in Africa at the 2022 African Beer Cup and is one of the only beers to medal each year.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 21 cm