Icenator Eisbock


340ml bottle. 20.4% abv and 50 ibus

Introducing South Africa’s strongest beer, Icenator!

An extreme barrel aged beer that pushes the limit on what beer can be

You are about to enjoy one of the most extraordinary beers in the world.  Soul Barrel Icenator is the strongest beer in South Africa.  It will change your idea on what a beer can be.  It matches the flavour intensity of a vintage cognac, port or fine wine.  Decant it into an aromatic glass and serve at cellar temperatures.  Before tasting, explore the deep aromas, immersing yourself in the flavour while and contemplating the remarkable process that created this brewing achievement.

This Eisbock is a beer that was forged through fire, ice, storms and time.  It is a creature from beyond, a beer unlike any brewed in South Africa before. It started life as a strong, dark doppelbock.  It was then laid to rest in bourbon casks, where it travelled from beyond, enduring weather, time, nature and the wild and was… forgotten.  Three years later it was discovered during a beer expedition.  Raw and spirituous, it was then tamed through a continuous freezing process while the ice was removed, concentrating its flavour and power, then matured again in barrel. A final meticulous process of blending realizes harmony for the final flavour and purest expression of wood and malt.


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